Let’s get CANADA jumping!


Welcome Jumpin’ Junkies!


”Kiss your treadmill goodbye!”

You’re probably here cause you or someone you know have recently seen a group of abnormally tall, silly and AWESOME people bouncing around Ottawa!

You can now be one of these jumpin’ junkies...they’re not kangaroos! Kangoo Jumps are low impact rebound shoes that make you jump high, lose weight and have FUN! (Just 3 of the MANY benefits)

Some people call them “jumping shoes” others call them “moon shoes” ---- it doesn’t really matter! You’ll have so much fun that we promise, the one hard part about this workout is ending it!

Join the FUN & get FIT!

We brought our Fitness Expert, Master Kangoo Trainer and friend, Mario Godiva Green, for the National Capital FitDay and here is CTV’s segment on the newest fitness trend in Canada.

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